construction cleaning

That is why we have designed a wide variety of services that will be able to ensure your home is free of construction debris and dust, making it safe to breath again, safe to walk through, and enjoyable to be in. Regardless of if it is a quick tidying up or hauling out 100s of pounds of construction material we are happy to provide you with the best experience in cleaning your space.

Is there a recent home improvement project that you have finished? Maybe you tackled the project yourself as a great DIYer, or maybe you called in the professionals to handle your new project. No matter the situation Kenmore Kleaning is here to help you clean up the mess afterwards. We know it can be daunting to look at the mess made after your project has been completed and think that there is just more left to do.

Our services are eco-friendly and provides a totally clean space:
• We remove dirt, dust, smudges, scrapes, and scuffs from the walls
• We Dust every surface including, but no limited to, wood furniture, coffee tables, regular tables, wall fixtures, etc.
• We clean all baseboards, trim, window frames, and door frames to ensure they are free of dust and dirt.
• We clean all interior masonry.
• We scrape stickers from windows.
• We clean blinds, the insides of cabinets, and the insides of closets.

No matter your home improvement project we are here to help you with the aftermath of that projects. We deploy the best eco-friendly cleaners in the business to ensure that your home is not damaged by a cleaner. Your home will be inspected after being cleaned to be signed off on and ensure that every one of your cleaning needs is fulfilled.

Kenmore Kleaning is dedicated to providing you the best services in the industry. Let us know what we can clean for you.